About Us

About Us

Viv started
Standards of Excellence from our own home school experience, shared with friends!

She was teaching our daughter at the kitchen table when friends started showing up. Can you help us with math, how about science…

It continued and grew, as someone would get up, another kid would sit down and the next subject started. She soon became the pied-piper  of our home school community. She taught every subject through high school and the kids loved her.

She soon went to One Day Academy, teaching Science, SAT, Logic, French and English. The real need came from students struggling preparing for the SAT since it was difficult to find one teacher talented in both sides of the school house.

Viv excelled at it.

Over the years, she has acquired even more tools for her arsenal: “Test Strategies”, “Study Skills”, and “Critical Thinking”. Her understanding of Advanced Placement (AP) coursework and the college assessment processes (PSAT/SAT/ACT) make her an outstanding resource for students in both private and public schools.

If she had her way, everyone would be passionate about life and learning! 

Me? I’m just the IT guy! (She called me the “it” guy” – so funny)

Viv Lynn


Families, colleagues, and friends readily recognize her efforts and achievements with students.


Ken Lynn

Business Manager

Ken is the business manager for Standards of Excellence. He has a background as a systems engineer and a small business owner and developer.


Doing the right thing,
at the right time.


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National Merit Finalists

01. Experience

Viv's experience is unquestionable. She has a talent for teaching and knows those things that students need to excel. She is able to use her vast experience to identify the needs of students in a broad range of subjects.

02. Understanding

Ms Viv understands that each child is unique, but also that certain common talents or traits must be developed. Our Study Skill course have taught Ms Viv that she must look at how a student IS, and build talent towards where the need to BE.

03. Enthusiasm

Students can't help but have an attitude adjustment after even a few sessions with Ms Viv. Her enthusiasm is contagious! This isn't something that is turned off or on like a stage presence, it is a genuine joy in teaching children essential skills that prepare them for higher learning

04. Effective

Effectiveness is also something that is NEVER in doubt. Not every student is going to be a National Merit Finalist, but Ms Viv's record is outstanding. A private school that we know boosts having eight over their five year history. Ms Viv has had more than that in a single year.