Standards of Excellence story Continues...

Ms. Viv started Standards of Excellence from our home school experience; then sharing with friends became epic! 

She was teaching our daughter at the kitchen table when friends started showing up. “Can you help us with math”, “How about science…”

The onslaught continued and grew, as someone would get up, another kid would sit down and the next subject started. She soon became the pied-piper of our home school community. She taught every subject through high school and the kids loved her.

Viv's story continues...

She soon went to One Day Academy, teaching many Science courses, SAT, Logic, French and English. The real need came from students struggling preparing for the SAT since it was difficult to find one teacher talented in both sides of the school house.


Viv excelled at it.


Over the years, she has acquired even more tools for her arsenal: “Test Strategies”, “Study Skills”, and “Critical Thinking”. Her understanding of Advanced Placement (AP) coursework and the college assessment processes (PSAT/SAT/ACT) make her an outstanding resource for students in both private and public schools.


If she had her way, everyone would be passionate about life and learning!

Ken's story is shorter and sweeter.

Ken is the business manager for Standards of Excellence. He has a background as a Systems Engineer, a small business owner and developer. When Viv started Standards of Excellence, Ken was a Project Consultant with Dell Computers. He and Viv have a heart for the home school community, decided to expand the business and add some professional tools as well as support.

He taught science for two years but realized that supporting Viv as a teacher and tutor was the truer business philosophy. Viv’s talent for teaching students helped make this a clear and worthwhile decision.

Ken and Viv have been married for over 47 years, raised three children, and have lived in Central Texas for over 43 years.

One more thing: that’s not actually a picture of Ken and he really doesn’t like talking about himself in the third-person. 

Signed, “The IT Guy”

What makes us different

Focused on Students

We endeavor to be a resource for students, whether they are considered advanced, on target, or remedial

Learning is not boring

Our methods infuse fun activities into lessons.

We'll have a BLAST!

experience lead to professionalism

Our history and accomplishments should give you additional insight into what you may expect for your child.

Communication MAtters

We have established several innovations with an online LMS, Homework feedback forms, Progress reports,

Our business is established upon the fundament principles of service, communication,  and value!