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  • ODA 2023-24 – Thursday – LL Campus – 12:30-2:20
  • ODA 2023-24 – Friday – Online – 12:30-2:20

If this schedule doesn’t meet your needs, You might also consider individual tutorials as a more flexible yet still powerful alternative

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 Digital SAT Prep Course (SATP)

Our reboot of the SAT/PSAT courses are a result of thoughtful consideration of academic development and required skills. Now the Digital SAT and PSAT tests are slated for rollout. (PSAT in October 2023; SAT in March 2024)


The SAT has by far the greatest demand for a “year-long”, intense preparatory test program and One Day Academy is a tremendous environment for such a program. The PSAT is unique as a summer program because it’s foundational and its summer offering has proximity to the October test for 8th-11th graders. Once again, One Day Academy is a welcome platform for this course.


The opportunity to attack the ACT is still available through private Tutorial Sessions either “on-site” or “online”. This fosters flexibility based upon need but will no longer overwhelm our core course. The ACT is a wonderful, standardized test and students taking the SAT still have gained insights and scholarship in manner that prepares them to take both tests. However, we felt we could best serve our students and families through a focused approach to the SAT.


Students will review scholarly subject matter, be exposed to different question types, learn test taking strategies, and master the SAT. The course is brimming with test-prep materials from College Board, Barron’s, Meltzer’s Critical Reading and Writing texts as well as other exemplary materials from College Panda and Prep Vantage.


By attacking the material methodically over the course of the entire school year, students will be well-grounded in the subject matter covered by each test section. It is common for our students to increase their overall score significantly. In the past five years, an average of 8 of our students per year have become NMSQT scholars. It is important to note that students’ scores increase in proportion to their participation in the course.


The stratagem used for this course has always been to “teach what the test covers, not to teach the test”. Many study groups only teach tips, hacks, and strategies in a vain attempt to “beat the test”. We also delight in sharing tips, tricks, and strategies, but we feel it would serve the student best to review the academic precepts as well.  Preparing students thoroughly for the SAT warrants greater effort for our students’ sake.


We use the academic “year-long” course and the thorough study guides to review Reading, Writing and Math concepts. That advantage is best evidenced as we use the SAT questions and essays to advance students’ academic growth. By the time a student finishes our course, they will have been taught grammar, rhetoric, writing, math, vocabulary, and critical reading skills all the while becoming comfortable with the College Board style, the time limits it imposes, and the techniques it employs in its tests.

 Students can expect up to 2.5 hours of homework per week and they can earn 1 credit for English / Language Arts and 1 credit for Math. The course is rigorous.

Prerequisites: Algebra 2 and English 2

Viv Lynn is blessed as a teacher to have taught Critical Thinking, Reading Comprehension, Logic, Critical Reading, as well as a spectrum of Math and Science courses. This talent along with her 28+ years of experience makes her a formidable tool with insight into what your students need to master the SAT.

Students will learn:

  1. The difference between the PSAT and SAT and ACT
  2. Test-Taking Strategies such as “Plugging in” and “Back-solving”
  3. Arithmetic shortcuts for fractions, percents, exponents, averages, ratios
  4. Algebra strategies for word problems and functions
  5. Geometry, Trigonometry and Data analysis overviews and development
  6. Critical Reading – learn a strategic, time-tested approach
  7. Vocabulary– students learn the words they will need using fun, powerful techniques
  8. Personal pace – students learn where to spend their energy to maximize their score and avoid wasting time
  9. Students will take two timed CollegeBoard practice tests and 2 other tests on the “installment plan”!

Additional Benefits from Standard of Excellence’s SATP course (PSAT/ SAT Preparatory Course)

  1. Students will also learn how the test is structured and scored
  2. Students become comfortable with real testing conditions and accurate scores
  3. Comprehensive 28 page-individualized test reports highlight their strengths and weaknesses
  4. Detailed test reviews to improve subject knowledge
  5. Students will learn how to maximize their scores through analysis of their errors.

We have a blast!


Suggested Age: 13-18 (High School)

Prerequisites: Completed or Enrolled in Algebra 2 / Completed or Enrolled in English 2

Purpose: Prepare students for the SAT college assessment test

Curriculum: Provided

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Customer Reviews


Dear Mrs. Lynn,
I just finished the REAL SAT test!!!!!! I remember how I felt about this test before I took your SAT Prep class. I was far from excited and extremely nervous to take something like the SAT or ACT test. However, thanks to your BRILLIANT teaching, thanks to your WONDERFULLY kind, understanding heart, thanks to your encouragement and inspiring attitude and passion for learning, thanks to you Mrs. Lynn, I woke up EXCITED and prepared to take the SAT test this morning! I knew exactly what I had to do and exactly how to do it. I don't know how I did on the test, but I confidently think that I did better than I have on any of my practice tests. I've learned so much in your classes. I feel as though I have grown so much that I thank you Mrs. Lynn! Thank you for preparing me for the SAT test and thank you for making it seem like a fun and easy test to take. I felt bad for all of the students there that didn't know the methods and techniques you have taught me. I'm certain I was the only one in the room repeating to myself 'My Pet Parrot Makes Attempts To Laugh.' XD I owe it all to you and the help that The Lord provided. Time to study for the ACT next Saturday!!! God bless


May 23, 2018 Dear Mrs Lynn, To be frank, CATP was the class that worried me the most. And, after the first week of math, I was frightened out of my wits. All of the homework, all of the CHALLENGING homework... I did not know if I could handle it. Yet, your enthusiasm and drive encouraged me and inspired me to tackle every challenge with vigor. Every week, you would teach us lessons with such "like jaw-dropping" intelligence. Without a doubt, you have helped me grow tremendously with the SAT and have helped me become more confident when test day arrives because I know that your teaching has prepared me. Thank you so much for what you have given me: knowledge. I know that my SAT scores are higher because of you, and that the possibilities of my future expanded as well. You are a gift from God. Love Sarah "I always thank my God as I remember you in my prayers, because I hear about your faith in the Lord Jesus and your love for all of the saints. Your love has given me great joy and encouragement, because you, brother, have refreshed the hearts of the saints." Philemon 4-7