Our tutoring process is personalized for your student and usually starts with an assessment test to investigate academic need. The advertised hourly tutorial fee is $85 (online) and $97 (in-person).

Most sessions are 90 minutes long to optimize attention, retention, and progress, unless special considerations are indicated. Our standard practice is that each student must register and pay the first standard session. $127.50 (online) and $145.50 (in-person)

Ms. Viv ‘s onboarding process includes contacting the parents and student to establish goals, set expectations and schedule sessions. Once a schedule is agreed upon, the regular sessions are invoiced separately as they should reflect accurately delivered services.

Check-out includes Student Registration,
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Standards of Excellence’s Tutoring Sessions provide students customized assistance in many academic disciplines. Ms. Viv engages students in an active learning environment with materials that are easy to understand. Students often grow in essential study techniques as well as the chosen subject matter.

Standards of Excellence provides two options for tutoring students: In-Person and Online. The Online option is flexible and cost-effective. This opportunity provides a personalized distance-learning format with the “Zoom” video conferencing technology. Miss Viv has a professional studio office so that she may concentrate on engaging students in an environment that meets their needs.

Frankly, the repeated horror stories of distance learning simply do not apply to Ms. Viv’s tutorials. Firstly, she is one-on-one with students, and this ensures utmost engagement. Secondly, her style and experience foster an eagerness to learn. Lastly, the students grow in passion for learning as they grow in academic prowess.

The tutoring environment, whether in-person or online, has many advantages over other omnidirectional videos, streams, and curriculums. The inherent growth metric and environmental efficiencies allow us to quickly target student’s needs and achieve higher results.  Whether families choose the live-online or live-in-person sessions, their student has an immediate advantage gained through a bidirectional environment. We cannot empathize enough that education works best through a process of repeated interaction, inquiry, feedback, and adjustments.

We feel strongly that the Q&A process and the inherent flexibility of our one-one learning systems are essential to academic development. Ms. Viv’s onboarding process and customized study plans often lead to lower cost (fewer sessions) than full courses and omnidirectional videos or curriculum.

The In-Person sessions are in a traditional meet-and-greet time at the student’s home or a nearby library. The availability of these sessions is very limited by both time and distance. We try to reserve In-Person sessions for those that truly need a personal touch or those that are very young.

Ms. Viv’s students have had tremendous success; as of 2023, fifty-nine of her students have earned the National Merit Scholarship. Many have received other full or significant scholarships as well. The list is not limited to, but includes current engineers, doctors, lawyers, nurse practitioners, dentists and more. Even those not achieving scholarships still find significant academic growth, success in building study skills, and prowess in critical thinking.

We look forward to serving your family’s tutoring needs!

Customer Reviews


Dear Mrs. Lynn,
I just finished the REAL SAT test!!!!!! I remember how I felt about this test before I took your SAT Prep class. I was far from excited and extremely nervous to take something like the SAT or ACT test. However, thanks to your BRILLIANT teaching, thanks to your WONDERFULLY kind, understanding heart, thanks to your encouragement and inspiring attitude and passion for learning, thanks to you Mrs. Lynn, I woke up EXCITED and prepared to take the SAT test this morning! I knew exactly what I had to do and exactly how to do it. I don't know how I did on the test, but I confidently think that I did better than I have on any of my practice tests. I've learned so much in your classes. I feel as though I have grown so much that I thank you Mrs. Lynn! Thank you for preparing me for the SAT test and thank you for making it seem like a fun and easy test to take. I felt bad for all of the students there that didn't know the methods and techniques you have taught me. I'm certain I was the only one in the room repeating to myself 'My Pet Parrot Makes Attempts To Laugh.' XD I owe it all to you and the help that The Lord provided. Time to study for the ACT next Saturday!!! God bless


May 23, 2018 Dear Mrs Lynn, To be frank, CATP was the class that worried me the most. And, after the first week of math, I was frightened out of my wits. All of the homework, all of the CHALLENGING homework... I did not know if I could handle it. Yet, your enthusiasm and drive encouraged me and inspired me to tackle every challenge with vigor. Every week, you would teach us lessons with such "like jaw-dropping" intelligence. Without a doubt, you have helped me grow tremendously with the SAT and have helped me become more confident when test day arrives because I know that your teaching has prepared me. Thank you so much for what you have given me: knowledge. I know that my SAT scores are higher because of you, and that the possibilities of my future expanded as well. You are a gift from God. Love Sarah "I always thank my God as I remember you in my prayers, because I hear about your faith in the Lord Jesus and your love for all of the saints. Your love has given me great joy and encouragement, because you, brother, have refreshed the hearts of the saints." Philemon 4-7