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Our Program



Dear Parents and Students,
It is a great honor to work with your family as we seek to present exceptional courses in CATP (Redesigned
SAT, ACT Prep), Study Skills, Critical Thinking, and Reading Comprehension. Our quest is to promote a
passion for academics as well as the Lord! Thank you for allowing Standards of Excellence the privilege of
serving you as part of the home school community. Viv Lynn is the director and teacher while Ken Lynn
functions as Business Manager and back office support. We should also mention that we employ several
special graders for highly effective coaching.

Class Preparation:
We have prepared a class syllabus as your guide for weekly assignments. The syllabus can be found in
your introductory packet as well as online. On a weekly basis, students are expected to come to class and
to be “well prepared” by:

  • Reading the assigned material
  • Being ready to discuss the lesson in class
  • Completing the assignments (workbook pages, worksheets, projects)

Grade s Assessments and Reports:

Grades are assessed and reports available for all classes (not tutorials). We are utilizing an online grade
program at JupiterEd. All reports, test grades, and assignments grades are available 24/7 through this
system. Your will receive an email describing how to access this system. Final Grade/Course reports, not
transcripts, are sent to the parent’s email address.

Grading Homework:

Study Skills and Reading Comprehension assignments will be graded by our staff. CATP class assignments
for Math, Vocabulary, and Critical Reading are graded by the Parents. This keeps children accountable,
gives quick feedback, and insures diligence toward homework assignments. You may delegate this task to
someone else, but the integrity and accuracy are your responsibility. Essay assignments marked as
“Teacher Grades” are graded by specially trained members of our staff.

Grading papers is an arduous task and we need your assistance to keep the process running smoothly!
Please instruct your student about the importance of a proper page heading and order. Each homework
assignment or test must be submitted on separate paper and should have student’s FULL NAME (first
AND last name) (no initials), DATE, CAMPUS and COURSE NAME clearly printed on the top!

Neatness counts!

It is imperative that we are able to read your child’s writing. Whether printed or cursive, we must be able
to read their papers in order to grade accurately. Please review your child’s performance in this area and
consider any remedial action you feel is appropriate. This is not kindergarten; we need them to act like it.
Illegible papers lead to mistaken answers, inaccurate grading, and embarrassment.

Please do not use spiral notebook paper.
The jagged edges and mess in the classrooms are a constant problem for our staff.



Assignments are due on the dates shown on the syllabus. CATP students will receive a set of labels for
all homework submissions. All assignments must have a label affixed to be accepted. Our website has a
document label file if you need replacements.

All other classes should adhere to their class syllabus with regard to their assignments “Due Dates”.


Tuition Payments:

Tuition is due by the First class of the month to avoid a $10 late fee. SOE prefers checks sent to our office and PayPal
is available for your convenience. Checks or Money Orders may be brought to class, but please do not
leave them with the campus front-desk workers. They are not an agent of SOE and this does not insure
or signify on-time delivery.

Cash payments are a tremendous problem. The lack of a verifiable “paper trail” is an opportunity for
conflict. You should consider YOUR risks fully if you select this option. Cash envelopes are available
and the only way to receive a receipt. EVERY cash payment MUST be in an envelope. Please insure that
the Date, Student’s Name, Parent’s Name, Campus and Amount are clearly written on the outside of
the envelope.

If you have problems with tuition payments, please let us know so that we may work with you in
creating a payment schedule.



We have established a PayPal account for those of you that wish to pay by credit/check cards. This is
completely voluntary.



You should be familiarized with the following TRUSTED email addresses. – This is a catch all business address and goes directly to Viv’s mailbox. – This is Viv’s personal account; you may see many messages sent from this address – This is Ken’s personal account used for business mail, reports and statements – This is a special account for solely for PayPal.


Computerized Statements:

We utilize a computerized statement/billing system. We hope this will increase communication and
serve you better. The heart of the system is emailed statements and reports. We encourage you to call us
if you find any discrepancies with statements or charges. We would also like to know if this system fails to
meet your needs in any way.

Our desire is to challenge your children to work diligently and achieve academic excellence. Our
disposition leads us to having a blast at the same time! We are looking forward to having a great year!


In Christ... By His Grace and For His Glory Alone,


Viv Lynn
Standards of Excellence

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Course Description

Formerly PSAT, SAT, and ACT Preparatory Courses

The College Assessment Test Prep (CATP) Course is literally ‘Three in One’! With the new PSAT and SAT redesigned, they are similar in structure and design to the ACT. Thus, we are melding the 3 courses into one comprehensive course!


Students will be taught strategies and develop the capacity to master the PSAT, SAT and ACT tests. They will be given practical experiences that train them to effectively put their academics to work under testing conditions. The course is brimming with test-prep materials from College Board, ACT, Princeton Review, Kaplan, Barron's & Ivy Global.


By attacking the material methodically over the course of the entire school year, students will be well-grounded in the subject matter covered by each test section! It is common for our students to increase their overall score significantly. In the past five years, an average of 8 of our students per year become NMSQT scholars. It is important to note that students' scores increase in proportion to their participation in the course.


Students can expect up to 5 hours. of homework per week and they can earn 2 credits for English Language Arts and 1 credit for Math. The course is rigorous and includes a thorough writing curriculum specific for the SAT and ACT essays.


CATP provides targeted instruction for all levels of Math, Grammar, Rhetoric, and Critical Reading as well as Science and Social Studies that pertain to these tests. Students will use practice sections in PSAT, SAT and ACT throughout the year as homework and study materials. They will take practice PSATs, SATs or ACTs and write 6 essays.


Students will learn:

  1. The difference between the PSAT and SAT and ACT
  2. Test-Taking Strategies such as "Plugging in" and "Back-solving"
  3. Arithmetic shortcuts for fractions, percents, exponents, averages, ratios
  4. Algebra strategies for word problems and functions
  5. Critical Reading – learn a strategic approach
  6. Vocabulary and Mnemonic Devices – students learn the words they will need using fun, powerful techniques
  7. Personal pace – students learn where to spend their energy in order to maximize their score and avoid wasting time
  8. Students will attend three practice tests


Additional Benefits from Standard of Excellence’s College Assessment Test Prep course (PSAT/ SAT/ACT Preparatory Course)

  1. Accurate measure of score and improvement
  2. Students become comfortable with real testing conditions
  3. Individualized reports highlighting strengths and weaknesses
  4. Detailed test reviews to improve subject knowledge
  5. Students will also learn how the test is structured and scored


We have a blast!


Suggested Age: 13-18 (High School)

Prerequisites: Enrollment in Algebra 1 / Enrollment English 2

Purpose: Prepare students for three college assessment tests.

Curriculum: Provided

Student Supplies: Supplies List

Special Presentation

Our Main Teachers

Viv Lynn


Families, colleagues, and friends readily recognize her efforts and achievements with students.

Price : 80 $

Max Availability : 15

Difficulty : Advanced, High School, Remedial,

Location : Calvary Worship Center ODA-RR 12:30-2:20 ODA-RR 2:20-410

Typology : Monthly Tuition