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Ken Lynn

21 May 2018

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New Website

New Website

We’re almost there. I want to thank everyone for their patience. I am interested in how well this serves you for information and registration. I could really use your help if you come across any typos or missed links from my developer.

We have tried to keep all of the former function and only add to what previously worked well for us. The important part is: Does it meet your needs? Feel free to give feedback below. You should be warned: since I am new to “blogging”, it won’t get a quick response. If you need urgent attention, please contact me by email.

Our Latest Courses Schedule

You may have noticed that Ms Viv is at only one ODA campus next year. We find that she is working entirely too hard. She has been typically at five Austin campuses, but this has diluted her effectiveness and has caused extra hours so as to keep up with demand. The high demand for individual tutoring has changed the focus for Standards of Excellence.


With this in mind, look for Ms Viv at the Round Rock ODA campus or let us help you plan an individual or group study program.

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