Ken Lynn – Business Manager and Slave Web Designer,


Welcome to our new website! We thought it was time to update the old, tired-looking pages with needed improvement simply because our old site lacked many modern forms and functions. After a minor breakdown near the end of May, the quest was thrust subtly upon me through the witless question of “What do I do now”. In the end I decided: “out with the old, in with the new”.

The real secret hidden in the mix was that the marching of time had already left my tired old bones on the ash-heap of discarded technology. It wasn’t until after I outlined our needs and determined a course of action, that I found out just how long my learning curve was to become. It is now July 28, 2023, and I can say with reservation that the project is complete.

Did you pick out the not-so-subtle exasperation that a project like this is never complete; the work in progress never stops.

I hope you enjoy the results of my endeavor and I readily accept any praise or criticism. However if the length of said missive exceeds 500 words, then you should consider sending it through where it will get deserved attention.  

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