We're Ready to Go

Ken Lynn

06 June 2018

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We’re Ready to go

We’re Ready to go

Dear students and families,

What a privilege it is to invest in you and your family! It is my quest to strengthen you academically through lessons that fit your learning style. We will reinforce your academic foundation, expand your confidence honed techniques, and allow you to enjoyment learning until you SOAR!


As you learn – building precept upon precept -your understanding of  a specific subject will led you to the discoveries of self-education. We pray that you will see the patterns and order as seen through math, science, history and literature will cause you to marvel at this amazing world ready for discovery!

One of the important fundamental skills that strengthen you is Critical Reading – understanding the depths of an author’s words that spur you to think deeply for understanding in prose, science, or philosophy!


Simple searches indicate this starts with 3rd grade curriculum. However, you will realize the need for a renewed focus when you begin preparation for assessment tests!


Learning HOW to learn is of vital importance! This is a major step towards self-education, or “learning from every experience”.

Many students feel constrained to performing according to school curriculum and lesson plans, but are clueless as to how these tools help them develop a systematic process that they can use for any academic setting.  If they only knew what amazing scholars they could be with educational goals and life-experience expectations. Training in Study Skills would integrate their learning styles with their learning tasks! Goal-setting, time management, note-taking and testing strategies are but a few of the skills from which every person – young or old – can benefit!


Prepping for a successful high school, college and career experience will include cementing students’ academic skills, then melding them into a formidable tool! The result is a self-aware, self-educator who is self-motivated and looks upon assignments as an opportunity to grow. Taking a serious approach to preparing well for PSAT, SAT and ACT is the perfect storm for melding many of students’ academic activities into something that can yield significant rewards: academic readiness, prowess and scholarships!


I’m honored to share my passion for learning, life and the Lord in the hopes that others may catch “the fire” as they grow in understanding academically, personally and spiritually!


Praying for each of you while you continue the marvelous journey of LIFE….


In Christ and for His Glory Alone,


Viv Lynn

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