Terms of Service & Refund Policy

Terms of Service

Standards of Excellence (SOE) conducts business as a DBA for Vivienne J Lynn (Ms. Viv)

SOE uses a “Best Practices” model of service through Ms. Viv’s experience, research, and talents. We never make reference or guarantees to deliver an individual diagnosis, assessment, score, treatment, or remedy. We do keep abreast of education trends such as assessment test changes and students’ overall needs. 

SOE services are fluid and responsive to students’ needs with inherent limitations. Ms. Viv has created Syllabi and Lesson Plans that outlines courses with specific actions to take and goals she hopes to achieve. The courses, workshops, or tutorials may be altered based upon circumstances that, solely in her opinion, create the best outcome for the targeted services.  

The continued use of SOE services constitutes an acceptance of this limitation. 

SOE provides “At Will” services without requiring individual service contracts or otherwise specifying “A Term of Duration”

We conduct tutorials that can be terminated at anytime. The reasons might include, but are not limited to Course/Plan completion, Assessment Test Completion, or performance. Therefore, all invoices should be followed by prompt payment. (Due upon Receipt) 

Ms. Viv also works as an independent contractor with One Day Academy (ODA) on several school-year long courses. In following ODA guidelines and the fact that fees and expenses are required, we require a 30-day notice of withdrawal from an ODA course. Accordingly, we do not offer refunds on partial month’s tuition. (see refunds below)

Payment for regular tuition is through QuickBooks Invoices and is due before the first class of the month.

SOE recognizes that unforeseen circumstances occur and changes may have to be made. We also understand the importance of customer satisfaction as inherent to any business practice. These requirements have been taken into account and are balanced with how we incur costs and break down our fees in the different products we deliver. We must then set limits and recognize we may not be able to accommodate every request for refund. This is mainly due to onboarding clients and regular business practices have immediate and accruing costs and fees.  

Charges & Refunds

A growing part of our business is the small group workshops and short term programs. The facilities used for these programs are usually established in advance to provide for the best overall outcome. Therefore, we require all fees upon registration with no partial payments.  

If necessary, you may request a refund but your request must be received before the start date of the event. Also, no partial refunds are allowed since our cost and accommodations are often fixed, anticipating occupied seats on the start date.  

The costs we incur through registration and initializing the onboarding process of students start as soon as your payment is transmitted. We hope you understand that even as we consider refunds of course and program fees, the registration fee is not refundable.

Material Fees for ODA courses are an upfront fee and part of the overall course structure. The materials’ fee is used to offset purchases for in-class activities that are integral to the course.  We use this site to facilitate your registration and payment of the materials’ fee.

Also, ODA courses use a monthly tuition format for a 9-month (Sept-May) school-year. SOE uses QuickBooks invoices for regular tuition payment processing. We can accept tuition in advance, but it is solely at the parents’ discretion.

The Materials’ Fees as “sold” on this site are refundable up to the first day of class. 

In conjunction with the requirement for a 30-day withdrawal notice, we do not offer “partial monthly tuition fees”, nor are the regular monthly tuition fees refundable.

We will refund unused tuition payments which were made in advance.  

Course or Workshop effectiveness, and profitability are dependent on minimal occupancy. Ms. Viv reserves the right to drop a course (scheduled classes) whenever necessary. Rest assured, she will not do this ample consideration; additionally, Ms. Viv will give ample notice whenever possible. 

She stands on a commitment to excellence for our community as a member who is dependable, effective, and goal-oriented.