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Ken Lynn

21 May 2018

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WOW, Testimonial

WOW, Testimonial

We love to hear from our students and their parents. It’s more than a conversation or “warm-n-fuzzy” social commentary. We want to know what works for our clients and we want others to know how great Ms Viv is at helping students.

Here is the latest of the heartwarming letters from students and parents. Please take a moment to read this but remember that this was an unsolicited testimony from a graduating student. I couldn’t have orchestrated this any better if I tried.

Latest Testimony

Wow. I cannot believe I graduate high school in a few short days. I also cannot believe that I am writing a farewell letter to you!


I have had the pleasure of knowing you for the past seven years of my life, you have taught my sister, brother, and myself. Your test prep classes have challenged me in ways I could never have imagined. But they are so, exceptionally valuable and I would not trade my experience in them for anything in the world. The skills and techniques I have learned from your benefit me abundantly and will continue to do for a very long time.


I  want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and I love you very dearly. I hope you have a fantastic summer!

More Testimonials

Please take a few minutes to read some more testimonials and letters sent to Ms Viv.

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